Young woman looking into a mirror brushing her teethAchieving good oral health should be the foundation for any programme of dental treatment. Through expert treatments and advice, our hygiene appointments can help you build and maintain this foundation.

Our 30 minute treatment sessions use a number of techniques to improve your oral hygiene. These include specialist removal of plaque, the sticky bacteria-laden film that clings to teeth and gums. Hard deposits of calculus (tartar) will also be removed. After a treatment, most people notice an immediate improvement in how fresh their mouth feels, and teeth will often look noticeably whiter. Your breath may be sweeter, too. But the benefits are more than cosmetic, as hygiene treatments can help prevent the onset of damaging conditions like gingivitis or periodontal disease.

However, the real key to oral hygiene though is what you do after you’ve left our office. That’s why our hygienist will advise you on the best techniques and products for keeping up the good work.