Prices & Payment Plans

Before treatment begins, we feel it’s important for patients to have a clear picture of what their likely costs will be. All of our patients are therefore given a treatment plan that sets these out transparently.

Below, we’ve set out the prices of the individual procedures we offer. If you have any questions, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.


Appointments & Consultations
New Patient Consultation (including 2 x radiographs) £90
New Patient Consultation under 18 (including 2 x radio- graphs) £45
Routine Examination£60
Radiographs£12 each
Emergency/Assessment Appointment (please note this does not include radiographs or treatment) £65
Hygienist Appointment£82.50
Scale and Polish with the dentist £87.50
Practice Plans
IHP A£14.50
IHP B£20
IHP C£25
IHP D£31
GHP B£11
GHB C£16.50
GHP D£22
Mouth Guard or Splint
£150 - £220
Composite Fillings
£140 - £240
Root Canal Treatment
£450 - £695
£130 - £230
Crowns (per unit)
£675 - £825
Veneers (per unit)
£400 - £550
£460 - £545
Bridges (per unit)
£600 - £795
Partial acrylic£570
Full acrylic£675
Partial chrome£995
Full chrome£1150
Flexi Denture£1300
Denture addition:£150 per tooth
Home teeth whitening
Dental Implant related Fees
Implant consultation 30 minutesFREE
Dental Implant (per tooth) £2100 - £2700
Dental Implant Crown£950 - £1500
Bone Regeneration/Graft£600